Monaco grand prix odds

monaco grand prix
Grand Prix of Monaco is the richest and glamorous stage in the calendar of Formula 1. This race received a special status thanks to a huge commercial interest. Key partners and sponsors of the series, as well as influential guests, are invited to visit the event to get impressed with the luxury of the Côte d’Azur.

Betting on Monaco Grand Prix

At the same time, the Grand Prix of Monaco is the most controversial and dangerous route of the Queen of motorsport. You can read all about monaco grand prix right here. Despite the fact that the narrow and winding streets of the principality of Monaco do not allow to overtake, this stage is completely boring.

Endless turns, in which contact with barriers is simply inevitable, cause pilots to adhere to the maximum concentration. After all, even the slightest mistake on the city road in Monte Carlo can cause the collapse.

How to choose the winner of GP Monaco

Many riders note that the success in Monaco grand prix depends, first of all, on the confidence of the racers in themselves. Neither the power of the engine, nor the advantage in the qualification, nor even the ingenious decisions of the engineers in choosing the settings of the car does not guarantee a triumph at the finish. Psychic training is the key to success. However, a good start is also important, because you can not argue with the statistics – over the past ten years in Monaco, the pilot who started the pole race seven times won. It’s necessary to pay attention to this fact while beting.

Route of GP in Monaco

Monaco is the only route in the calendar, the distance of which is shorter than four kilometers. Moreover, its length does not even match the one declared in the regulations. However, this does not stop the stage from year to year, causing great interest among the public.

On the road there are almost no straight lines, even the starting grid is located on the turn. Not surprisingly, the speed here is low, because it is on this track that the riders pass the shortest distance with a fully depressed gas pedal.

19 turns, 13 braking zones, average brake wear. The maximum speed is rather low because of the narrow and winding character of the route. The power of the motors is not the key to success. It is much more important at this stage to create effective grip with the track. Make sure you know everyhting about the previous winners, specifics of their cars and training before making a bet.